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09.02.2024, 20:00 Uhr

Zement: Neo-Kraut-Duo from Würzburg / Germany.

With their revolving rhythms, swirling synths and rough textures, Zement seek to build the experience of a music manufactory that incorporates elements of krautrock, psychedelic rock, noise rock and EDM.
The eclectic mix of influences and quality songwriting places the duo in the league of established experimental rock acts like Maserati, Trans Am and Föllakzoid. Through combining the wonders of the autobahn with intelligent nods to techno and free jazz, their latest album Rohstoff is an excellent continuation of the band’s already impressive resumé. Continuous touring in the last couple of years also brought them the reputation as an excellent live band! They shared a stage with national and international bands such as Föllakzoid, Lucrecia Dalt or Russian Circles and also played tons of solo shows.

Shem: Improvised Psychedelic Rock from Stuttgart / Germany.

2024 live im Swamp.

ZEMENT: bandcamp

SHEM: bandcamp


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